The Medical transcription in picking up its pace in the last decade in India, though presence in India is there from the mid-1990s. But now-a-days, medical transcription outsourcing has a nice range of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in the country.

Many countries like US, UK and Europe are looking forward to India and Philippines for their transcription outsourcing work – due to time-zone differentials and cost advantages. According to NASSCOM study, in 2008, the industry has generated employment for 1,70,000 trained professionals(about). The reports indicates that up to the end of 2010, the medical transcription outsourcing to India is expected to touch USD 647 million.


What is the need of Medical Transcripiton Training?

There are many benefits of Intensive Medical Transcription Training. They are:

  • To ensures the accuracy of medical data.
  • To set professional standards of performance.
  • To provide a golden opportunity to the home-based workers and retired people.


The medical transcription training includes the following modules:

  • English Grammar,
  • Medicinal Terminology,
  • Human Anatomy,
  • Human Physiology,
  • American ascent. (*for advanced course only).


It also covers the practical training of MT files.



Basic course: 4 months.
Advanced course: 6 months.

Warm welcome to the skill-gaining keen people with the right aptitude into the field.

Criteria for Joining Training Medical Transcription:

  • Graduate (Science Stream Preferred) with a very strong command over English
  • Written Test – English Grammar, Essay Writing and Story Building
  • Listening Ability Test.
  • Personal Interview.

To take the test you need to register by filling the registration form, giving the date and time you prefer for the test.
To register, click here.


What does the comprehensive medical transcription training covers?   

  • Medicine – Medical Terminology,

                Human Anatomy & Physiology – Fundamental.
                Diseases, Symptoms, Diagnostic Methods, etc.
                Pharmacology and medications in India and the US.

  • English – Grammar, Punctuations and Sentence Formation.  
  • Americanism – American Phonetics.
  • Computer – Basic skills à MS - Word processing and Internet operating and MT related Training.
  • Typing -   more than 40 wpm
  • Practical – Comprehension of vital files. (Beginners and Advance Medical Transcription tapes), Formatting and Implementation of Transcription Rules.

In addition to this, our entire training is meticulous. There is daily test method for medicinal terminology, weekly test method for the others. And we conclude the internal test at the end of the teaching of every human system. Practical test is taken module-wise. 

During the training, every candidate’s performance is closely monitored. Our staff is able to bring out the hidden potentials of the students. We do our level best tries to make them efficient MTs – the need of the industry.

One Step Ahead:

Generally, medical transcription professionals work in the shifts – sometimes round the clock. As they work with a nice concentration level, we offer some stress breakers. To alleviate the stress of listening to continuous dictations, we organize some get-to-gathers and theme based events too. It is very useful to improve the morale of the employee, to sustain interest in the present work, which leads to the quality performance of the employee.
We try our level best to eventually enhance employee performance and quality output.



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